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Drum Lessons to transform your child’s potential!

Your child’s drum lessons here are both FUN and educational. They will be playing the music they love while learning the techniques and coordination required to play the drums. They will enhance their problem-solving skills, self-confidence, and creativity. Playing the drums won’t seem like a chore because they are having a blast.

Even if they are already involved in school music programs, the individual attention from our lessons together will accelerate their learning for technique and musical concepts. This can lead to higher seating placements in their school orchestra and extracurricular opportunities in honor orchestras.

My name is Stefano Ashbridge and I love sharing the art of playing the drums. I have taught hundreds of private and group lessons to students of all ages and skill levels.

No problem if you don’t have a drum set. I have everything we need to get started in a fully equipped studio with a positive learning environment and flexible hours.

The lessons can be recorded so your child can track their progress over time and develop the discipline of reaching their goals. Parents are welcome to sit in on the lessons.

Online drum lessons are also available for your safety and convenience.


Our online lessons together are a safe social distancing activity for kids and easy to set up from the comfort of your home.

You will receive one on one online training, along with written and video downloads that can be accessed on multiple devices.



This is what parents and students have to say.

I went in knowing nothing about drumming, and I am now a member of my high school varsity drumline. Stefano makes learning fun and is always available by phone or email if I have any questions.

Matthew Ramirez

I started out with Stefano as an intermediate drummer not knowing what to expect, and I've gotten a lot better since then. He has helped me to improve my timing. I love a challenge and if you're looking for one, Stefano is the guy to go to. Stefano is a great, fun teacher for all levels of drummers.

Frederick Gonzalez

It makes a world of difference when you have a teacher that genuinely wants the best for their students. Stefano is definitely the one to go to. He's a true drummer. Stefano is so understanding and always helpful.

Shanna Clift

Stefano is an amazing drum teacher. He teaches in such a manner that is not threatening or condescending, yet uplifting and positive. He is patient, yet understands that the student wants to just hammer away and make lots of noise so he mixes the basics with permission to let loose.

Bill Townsend

My son learned to play the double bass pedal during his first lesson. No one teaches that! I can't say enough nice things about Stefano and his teaching methods. He is patient and very educated in the art of drumming.  You will learn the basics of drumming as well as share in the love he has for music. Stefano Rocks!!

Hayley Mac Leay

Stefano has really helped me focus my playing and technique to be a better drummer, and musician. Stefano is the only reason I still play drums.

Chris Lemcke

In a very short time with Stefano, I felt confident on the drums. Knowing how to drum properly has made drumming more enjoyable than I could have ever imagined and I sincerely could not have done it without the tutelage of Stefano. I think that Stefano is a great teacher- not just a great drum teacher but a wonderful teacher and a terrific person. He is always prepared, patient and professional.

Todd Gray

Here are just some of the benefits of taking lessons here.


* Lunchtime lessons for homeschoolers, retirees, college students, and working professionals.

If you are a homeschool parent, retiree, college student, or working professional who has a flexible schedule, take advantage of lunchtime lesson spots.

* A waiting area lounge.

You can wait for your child in the waiting area or if you prefer, you can sit in on their lesson anytime. Wi-fi is available in the building. Alternately, the studio is centrally located close to shopping centers for your convenience.

* Track your child’s progress.

We will use practice logs along with custom-tailored exercises and booklets so you can see how your student is coming along. Lessons can also be recorded.


* Opportunities to play with others.

I offer periodic group drum jams so that your child can experience playing with other musicians.

* Year-Round Lessons.

Music lessons are offered year-round for steady long-term progress.

* Life skills through music.

It is my mission to teach students more than academic musical skills. I want to instill discipline, dedication, and problem-solving skills. Music is an enriching part of a balanced education.

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Try a lesson, risk-free. If you don’t love it, you don’t pay.

$50 / half hour lesson
$65 / one hour lesson

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